10 Expenses You Can Cut Today

10 Expenses You Can Cut Today

Household expenses often have a sneaky way of getting past you without you noticing. In fact, many of the costs you’re shelling out for on a daily or weekly basis might be ones that you can cut from your budget altogether. Here are 10 expenses you should consider getting rid of today:


Internet Data. South africans can spend more on data than they need. Make sure you have the right package. If you are using capped data, consider looking at an uncapped option so you know exactly how much your internet data is going to cost each month.


Cellphone. Here is another one which you need to keep your eyes on. Look at your options, see if pay as you go is not an option for you, instead of a contract which often results in unused minutes and more expensive each month. There are many pay as you go options in South Africa which are really competitive, as all the networks are competing against each other for this market share, so consider this option.


Electricity costs. Yes, the electricity topic! Have any of you noticed that there has been an increase in the price of electricity. This is a monthly bill which has slowly but surely increased over time. Keep your eye on this one. If you are not regulating your geyser, give this a try as for many this can save R100 – R200 a month. Plan your use of the hot water every day, this can result in you only needing to heat up your geyser once a day. You can also look at alternative cooking options like a braai, but be careful how much you spend on wood. If you have a source for wood, braai more, it costs you nothing to cook the food so why not. (Plus it’s a healthy alernative)


Transportation. If you live in a city, taking public transportation can help you save money on gas and auto expenses.


Dining out. “Eating out often costs more than cooking at home, so even if you hate cooking, it pays — literally — to do some reading up on easy, fast recipes


Gym membership. Ok, this is a tricky one. Let’s be honest. If you have a gym membership do this, take the amount of visit you have had over the last 6 months and be 100% honest. Now compare this with the daily rate to pay per use, if the daily rate is less then you need to make a decision today to NOT renew your contract. As much as you want to be ‘disciplined’ and go to the gym, the truth is in reality you are not using it. If you want to have a gym membership then first work on personal discipline for 30 days, try go for a walk / run for 30 minutes 4 or 5 times a week, and once that habit is formed, then you can make a decision to commit to a gym membership.


Groceries. Plan your meals, be creative, look for bulk deals, don’t be lazy when shopping (if you know that leg of lamb is R80 per kg at Pic and Pay, and it’s R120 at woolworths, then leave that item out of your woolworths shop and walk to pic and pay after – simple !)


Coffee. Ok, I don’t know what to say about this one. If you are addicted to coffee then you know you are. 5 cups of coffee a day can add up quickly. If you are buying your coffee on the go then this is over R100 a day – watch out this! If you are in that category then invest in a simple expresso option to take to work / use at home.




You can buy it from Take a lot for under R600 – The  http://www.takealot.com/aeropress-espresso-and-coffee-maker/PLID29944407


Medications. Look for alternative options. Often there are ‘generics’ which cost so much less than the originals and really have the exact same ingredients (so don’t let your mind play tricks on you into convincing you the originals work better)


Entertainment. Time to find that chess set and other board games. The modern family trip today is a quick trip to the movies for a family of 4. If you have a memebership of sorts, then often you can pay less for the kids or nothing at all… but guess what, you will definitely buy popcorn and soda as, well, you got a deal on the tickets so why not ! Be very careful, the average trip for a family of 4, just for movies and treats, travel costs, parking is R400 ! For that amount of money look for long term entertainment options for the home.