Car Owners Assistance Programme

The Car Owners Assistance Programme was developed in order to cater for the average Joe on the street who is struggling to get a new vehicle. Under this mandate we help people who are under debt review , people who are under administration , people who have judgements , defaults , garnishee`s etc. To date the success rate of this programme has been phenomenal and the response from the public has been well received.

The Sales Director can even be quoted as saying that since the inception of this programme , clients have been constantly contacting reception requesting appointments. “We even had to start a waiting list or standby list if you will. So if you are one of the lucky ones to get that appointment then you should do your best to keep it and its totally understandable when you think about it really , how many people will assist clients get a new vehicle and not worry about the credit record? Definitely groundbreaking stuff”

Naturally  , not everyone can be helped , those that we cannot help at this stage are people not residing in the Western Cape and people with a joint household income of less than R8500. Hopefully in the not too distant future we will be able to assist the whole country.

If you need our assistance, please complete the contact form alongside and we will call you back asap

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