Debt settlement Southern Suburbs

Various ways to consolidate your debt with a consolidation loans, let us provide you with all the options and you decide. With BTS , we will give YOU the option. BTS offers Debt settlement Southern Suburbs based in Cape Town and throughout South Africa.

A Debt settlement Cape Town is when you consolidate all your debts into one convenient payment. Contact BTS today to apply for your consolidation loans.

People who apply for a (money owed) grouping together consolidation loans are either already (related to money) stressed or in danger of going that way. And too many mistakenly expect (money owed)grouping together to be a medicine (that cures all diseases) for all their sicknesses when it‘s more like putting a plaster on a serious wound.


It‘s a (for only a short time) fix, not a fix (for a disease) for the hidden (under) problem,” saysPaul Slot, the president of the (money owed) CounsellorsAssociation of South Africa.


The hidden (under) problem is (money owed). And you can‘t borrow your way out of (money owed). While that is true, it‘s also true that there are intelligent ways to deal with (money owed).

For example, your home loan is usually your cheapest form of credit. Depending on your creditprofile, your rate is a little above or below the prime rate (now 8.5 percent). On the other hand,credit cards, store cards and (for only a short time) loans get/cause interest of anything from 21percent a year to 32 percent over six months.


For this reason, many people use their home loans to finance expensive items such as furniture, making sure they don‘t stretch the repayments for such (lowering in value) valuable things over the term of their bond. It would be foolish to take money out of your home loan to buy a R15 000 television set and spend the next 10 or 15 years paying it off. That would defeat the purpose of using such a cheap form of credit. Had you bought the TV from a furniture store,you‘d be charged, for example, 21 percent interest over 36 months. So you score by using your consolidation loans only if you use it intelligently and the same can be said for (money owed) grouping together consolidation loans.


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