Home Owners Assistance Programme

If you’ve been declined for a loan or a bond recently, chances are you heard , “Sorry , its been declined due to affordability” or ” Sorry , criteria is not met” or ‘you simply just can`t afford it’. Then we are here to help….

With the HOME OWNERS ASSISTANCE PROGRAMME, You have the feel safe knowledge that a professional team of experts are at your disposal, people that like yourself, also wanted a home for their family and used their countless years of knowledge in the finance industry to get it.


With The Home Owners Assistance Programme along with sound legal information and countless years of experience in the finance industry guiding you to get that dream home, how can you go wrong?

Why was the Home Owners Programme created?

The Home owners Programme was created initially as a vehicle to help the average consumer , along with all their credit judgements , adverse listings , being blacklisted etc , qualify for a bond by conducting an individual study into their credit profile and with the assistance of a think tank , to formulate a plan to grow and better the consumers current credit statuses. No longer will the fact that you have been blacklisted , bring your spirits down and remove the dream of owning your own home


When you do not qualify for a loan , we don’t leave you and say “next customer please” , we step in with our team and do what needs to be done to fix your problem. All we ask is for an invite to the house warming party.

What is my contribution in all this?

We get paid on registration of the bond , which means that we could work countless hours on each case for weeks at an end with no payment from you. In fact , the company that we decide to use will pay our fees on registration. So no running to an atm to pay money over to us. That being said , we like yourself , don’t work for free so we have to know what we doing……

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