Why choosing The BTS Status Removal Programme is the right answer for YOU?

Have you been flagged for Debt review or Administration and now you trying to go on with your life but you can`t because everywhere you go you are being turned down due to your flagged status?

True, there could have been a time when you needed it but maybe not anymore and now you stuck with it?

Or maybe, you enquired about a consolidation loan through a call centre and they flagged you for debt review without even signing any paperwork. Maybe you signed but did not pay and then decided to cancel and then they still flagged you.

Many times, people have been flagged under debt review without their consent, they have been laden with judgements or adverse listings and have not known the process as to how to go about removing these flags or statuses or it simply was too expensive to have it done.

So now you have to carry this flagged status with you everywhere and can’t get rid of it until all your debt is settled and it seems as if that is never going to happen…. Well not in the foreseeable future anyway.

But there is another way…

There is a way out…you can have it removed!!!

BTS Finance has been around for many years now, growing from strength to strength because of a simple philosophy. Quality above quantity always! The owner has taken a hands-on approach when dealing with clients and refuses to go the call centre route. He believes that with us, people should never just be a number on a file. They have families to take care of and lives to lead. Simply put, you were never placed on this earth to simply pay bills and die. You are here to make a difference in the lives of others and that’s what we all aim to do. Last year we did this so well that we won an award for being one of the top 5 companies in the country that do what we do and do it very well. Have a look, it’s on all our documentation so you know you in good hands.

We believe that we can do this because the first few people to undergo this process was some of the staff members, members who are now believers and pretty soon you will be too.

So, what would you need to be able to pull this off if you weren’t doing this through us? You would need a very healthy bank balance firstly. Attorneys that specializes in this type of matter usually charge a small fortune, then you also run the risk of dealing with a company that is not as good as us in being able to prep and motivate the release of you from Debt review or Administration accordingly. Then there`s the track record, can they actually do what they say? How well do they know the debt review system? Surely if they could have done it then they would have done it for you ages ago already and you would not be sitting here reading this and trying to figure out why you have not heard of us sooner……. simple really, Quality above quantity!!! We only take on certain cases because we don’t like losing and we know what works and what doesn’t.

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