The habits of rich & successful people

The habits of rich & successful people

The habits of rich & successful peopleRich people don’t become rich by accident. So, what habits do they have that you can adopt to become more successful and hopefully make more money?


Set goals

If you set a goal, you have something discernible to work towards. If the thought of this intimidates you, start with small goals and work your way up to bigger ones. One of the richest people in the world, Oprah Winfrey, firmly believes in setting goals – the bigger, the better. “Expectations need to be limitless; and ambition cannot be restrained. If you believe you can only go so far, it is an obstacle,” she says.


Develop a routine

Find a routine that works for you. Any entrepreneur will tell you that, contrary to popular opinion, working for yourself is tough. There is very little time to waste. A routine helps you focus and prevents any time wasting. Part of a routine includes using to-do lists. These will help you make sure that you accomplish what you set out to do – each day, week, month and year.


Get off the couch

Successful people watch less than one hour of television a day, if at all and they certainly don’t waste time watching reality television. If they have any free time, it goes towards activities such as networking, socialising and volunteering. A massive 88% of wealthy people read material which relates to their education or career for at least 30 minutes each day, while just two per cent of the average population can say the same.


Take care of your health

If you neglect your health, it is eventually going to take a toll on you. Entrepreneur, Richard Branson, makes it a point to swim most mornings as part of his daily exercise. He says that keeping fit helps him in his professional life. “Many business leaders I know get run down by over-working and not taking care of themselves. In time this leads to exhaustion and poor decision-making,” he explains.


Live simply

Warren Buffet is a multibillionaire renowned the world over. But he still lives in a five-bedroom house he bought in 1956 for $31 500. When you are earning well, practice discipline and save as much as you can. Consider your purchases before you make them. Is that expensive house or extravagant pair of Jimmy Choo shoes really necessary? Nine times out of ten, the answer will be no.


Wake up early

Getting a head start on your day gives you time to focus on the tasks ahead of you, catch up on news, and you can be raring to go when everyone else is just getting started. Several famous chief executives are early starters. Apple’s chief executive, Tim Cook, is well known in his company for sending emails at 4am. An hour later, he hits the gym before heading to the office. In most cases, successful people use this early morning time to get their exercise in before the rest of the day hits them. This practice also ties in to the habits above of having a routine and taking care of their health.
There are plenty of habits which rich, successful people have cultivated in order to get where they are today. You can start by getting this right and just like a routine, find out which habits work best for you.